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Started in 31 BCE by Augustus Caesar's rise to power, the Roman Empire had lasted for just over 5 centuries, until its fall in 476 CE!

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Name :Roman Empire
Age :31 BCE - 476 CE (507 years)
Email :administration@romanempire.com
Location :41.9° N, 12.5° E

When in Rome...

Check out some of the activities you can do while you're in our amazing city!

The Circus Maximus


This great arena is the host of great events such as the Roman Games and the great chariot races! Read the blog post below!

The Gladiators


The gladiators have the chance of becoming heros, or the chance of becoming lion food! Learn more in the article below!

Click herefor the schedule

The Colosseum


Read about the great events, and great knowledge it took to build this wonder of the world in an article below by Karlee Fretz!

Total Rulers
Age of Roman Empire (years)
Battlefield Deaths Suffered


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Meet the Author - Plutarch

Plutarch was born in 46 C.E, in a small town in Greece known as Chaeronea, only about 80 kilometers west of the prominent Oracle of Delphi...

The Colosseum

After 10 years of laboring work started in A.D. 70 by Emperor Vespasian, the largest amphitheater in all of Rome is having its grand opening!

Gladiator Schedule

Take a look at the schedule for these great men who will wow any crowd of people and see the extravagent day you will witness at our very own Colosseum!